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   Cruise Travel - General Info


The following is a list of known incidents of passengers and crew who have gone overboard from cruise ships since 2000.

Date Sex Age Home Cruise Line Cruise Ship Location Cruise Length Died Notes
2/17/2000 M 20 Arizona RCL Nordic Empress St. Thomas 7 N Rescued after 2 hours in water
7/31/2000 M 42 California Carnival Elation Mexico 7 Y -
8/18/2000 F 33 California Carnival Holiday Los Angeles 5 Y -
7/22/2001 M 28 UK Cunard QE2 Ireland 6 Y Crew member
3/5/2002 F 24 Romania NCL Norway Bahamas 7 N Crew, Rescued after 10 hours
4/21/2003 M 31 Michigan Carnival Fascination Galveston 7 N Rescued after 18 hours
5/10/2003 M 35 Canada Carnival Carnival Conquest Mississippi 7 Y Climbing between cabins
5/11/2003 M 50 Canada Holland America Veendam Alaska 7 Y -
6/18/2004 M 46 NA Cunard QM2 St. Thomas 8 Y -
7/26/2004 M 37 Virginia Carnival Fascination Key Biscayne 7 Y -
11/26/2004 M 54 Virginia Carnival Celebration Jacksonville 5 Y -
12/4/2004 F 37 Wisconsin Carnival Pride Ensenada, Mexico 7 Y Found purse near railing
1/5/2005 M 73 California Holland America Statendam Coronado Islands 16 Y -
1/7/2005 M 24 Australia P&O Pacific Sky Caloundra 10 Y Drunk, threatened to jump, then did
2/23/2005 M 49 California Crystal Crystal Harmony Mexico 10 N Rescued after 30 minutes
4/19/2005 M 65 Germany Cunard QM2 Newfoundland 7 Y Transatlantic
5/19/2005 F 67 NA Carnival Carnival Destiny Barbados 7 Y Half of couple
5/19/2005 M 71 NA Carnival Carnival Destiny Barbados 7 Y Other half of couple
6/24/2005 F 40 Texas Carnival Elation Cozumel 7 Y Traveling with family
7/5/2005 M 26 Connecticut Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas Greece 12 Y On Honeymoon
12/10/2005 F 59 Canada Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas Bahamas 7 Y Traveling with husband
1/5/2006 F 15 Ireland Costa CostaMagica Yucatan 7 Y Traveling with family
2/17/2006 M 30 Philippines Holland America Amsterdam Hawaii 7 Y Reported missing by roommate
5/15/2006 M 21 Ohio Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas Bahamas 7 Y Security cameras recorded incident
5/18/2006 M 82 Florida Carnival Inspiration Cozumel 7 Y Left Suicide Note
5/26/2006 F 48 California Island Island Escape Coast of Italy 8 Y Went for cup of tea at 1:00 am
5/27/2006 M 35 Pennsylvania Carnival Carnival Legend Virgin Islands 8 Y Jumped following bar tab argument with wife
6/20/2006 M 48 California Carnival Imagination Grand Cayman 5 Y Crew member, failed to show up for work
7/25/2006 F 22 Florida Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas Coast of Italy 7 Y Traveling with family
10/1/2006 F 48 California Carnival Carnival Conquest Galveston 7 Y Jumped from balcony, landed on another balcony
10/12/2006 F - Unknown NCL Norwegian Star Mexico 8 Y Reported to have jumped
11/5/2006 M 42 Texas Carnival Carnival Conquest Galveston 7 Y Fell while trying to climb between balconies
11/1/2006 M 72 Scotland Celebrity Century Portugal 14 Y Reported missing by cabin steward
12/31/2006 F 62 Germany Cunard QE2 Near Madeira 17 Y Traveling with family, suicide suspected
3/16/2007 M 35 Florida Carnival Carnival Glory Near Ft. Lauderdale 7 N Jumped - rescued by Coast Guard after 8 hours
3/25/2007 F 20 Colorado Princess Grand Princess Gulf of Mexico 7 N Fell overboard with her male companion
3/25/2007 M 22 Colorado Princess Grand Princess Gulf of Mexico 7 N Fell overboard with his female companion, was naked
6/18/2007 M 24 North Carolina Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Bahamas 7 Y Fell overboard from balcony
6/23/2007 M 26 Canada Carnival Carnival Valor Bahamas 7 N Jumped after drinking, rescued within 1 hour
7/1/2007 M 18 Texas Carnival Ecstasy Departing Galveston 5 Y Jumped - had been in the news as beating victim
7/1/2007 M 29 Maryland Carnival Carnival Liberty Bahamas 6 N Jumped after drinking, rescued within 1 hour
2/2/2008 M 46 India Carnival Carnival Glory North of Nassau 7 Y Crew member
2/25/2008 M 28 China Celebrity Constellation Near Cape Canaveral 7 Y Crew member - fall caught on video
3/8/2008 F 39 US Costa CostaMediterranea Florida Keys 7 Y Boyfriend said she jumped
12/25/2008 F 36 Florida NCL Norwegian Pearl 15 miles from Cancun 7 Y 11 hour delay in reporting
1/1/2009 M 26 US Carnival Sensation Florida 7 Y Fell while posing for photos
1/13/2009 M 90 US Carnival Carnival Paradise Mexico 5 Y Missing with wife, cabin locked from inside
1/13/2009 F 79 US Carnival Carnival Paradise Mexico 5 Y Missing with husband, cabin locked from inside
3/5/2009 M 63 US Carnival Carnival Splendor Chile 28 Y Wife found suicide note
4/18/2009 M 39 US NCL Norwegian Sky Bahamas 3 Y Observed jumping by fellow passengers
5/24/2009 M 18 US Carnival Carnival Fantasy Tampa 7 Y Traveling with high school group
6/15/2009 M 46 US Carnival Carnival Inspiration St. Petersberg, FL 4 N Rescued by pilot boat
6/16/2009 F 50 Alabama Carnival Carnival Holiday 75 miles w/of Pensacola 5 Y Celebrating her 50th birthday
8/3/2009 F 45 US Holland America Zaandam Douglas Island, AK 7 Y Suspected suicide
9/2/2009 M 34 US Carnival Carnival Sensation Port St. Lucie 7 N Rescued by Disney Wonder crew
9/22/2009 F 67 US Princess Sapphire Princess Alaska 7 Y Suspected suicide, video shows jump
11/26/2009 M 31 Italy Princess Coral Princess La Guajira 14 Y Chef, suddenly left dinner shift
12/11/2009 M 31 US Royal Caribbean Magesty of the Seas Miami 7 N Crew member rescued, suspected jumper
12/31/2009 F 23 India Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas Nassau 5 Y wife of ship's doctor jumped overboard
2/26/2010 M 34 France Costa Costa Serena Near Malaga 7 Y reported missing by father
2/26/2010 M 72 US Holland America Rotterdam Colombia 7 Y jumped overboard, suicide suspected
3/21/2010 M 28 US Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas Mexico 5 Y art auctioneer, picked up but could not be revived
5/2/2010 M 25 St. Vincent Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of America Hawaii 7 N crew member, picked up by ship's rescue boat
5/5/2010 M 26 Mexico Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas Puerto Rico 7 Y Crew member, suspected jumper
12/17/2010 M 19 Brazil MSC MSC Orchestra Sao Paulo 7 Y Was walking on railing prior to fall
12/18/2010 F 50 UK Princess Sea Princess Curacao 14 Y Video shows her falling from balcony
6/19/2010 M 35 US NCL Norwegian Spirit New Orleans 7 N Rescued by ship rescue boat
2/03/2012 M 30 UK Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Cozumel 7 Y Jumped, confirmed by video
2/25/2012 M 32 NA Carnival Carnival Magic Galveston 7 N Fell in heavy seas, wearing life jacket
2/29/2012 F 45 Canada Celebration Bahamas Celebration Bahamas 2 Y Reported missing by partner
8/21/2012 M 32 Georgia Carnival Carnival Fascination Florida 5 Y Seen jumping by security officer
10/21/2012 F 29 US Carnival Carnival Destiny Florida 5 N Rescued by crew
5/8/2013 M 30 Australia Carnival Carnival Spirit Australia 10 Y Seen jumping after girlfiend on security video
5/8/2013 F 26 Australia Carnival Carnival Spirit Australia 10 Y Seen falling on security video
12/28/2013 M 26 Canada Royal Caribbean Adventures of the Seas Puerto Rico 7 Y Seen jumping on security video
12/31/2013 M 56 Canada Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas Cayman Islands 6 Y Wife reported missing from cabin
1/6/2014 M 34 Filipino Princess Grand Princess Hawaii 15 Y Seen jumping on security video
1/29/2014 M 45 Indonesia Celebrity Celebrity Constellation Yucatan Channel 5 Y Shoes found near railing, seen jumping on security video
2/5/2014 M 69 British Fred Olsen Cruises Black Watch Montevideo 10 Y Traveling with brother
2/9/2014 M 47 Brazilian Royal Caribbean Splendor of the Seas Uruguay 10 Y Fellow passgners saw him jump wearing life vest
1/8/2015 M 22 Florida Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Cozumel 7 N Rescued by the Disney Magic
1/20/2015 M 19 China Princess Sapphire Princess Near Bali 10 N Rescued after jumping overboard following argument
2/2/2015 M 66 Canada Celebrity Celebrity Constellation Summerland Key 4 Y Captured on video 3:30 am
3/8/2015 M 21 Virginia Carnival Carnival Glory Bahamas 7 Y Spring Break Cruise, Have video
3/22/2015 M 43 United States Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Near Marathon FL 4 Y Captured on video climbing over rail at 9:45 pm
3/4/2016 M 46 Florida Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas Key Largo 6 Y Fell/Jumped after argument
1/21/2018 F 44 Louisiana Carnival Carnival Triumph Gulf of Mexico 5 Y Fell/Jumped
3/7/2018 F 24 Florida Norwegian Norwegian Epic Bahamas 4 N Fell/Jumped. Rescued by ship's crew.
4/3/2018 M 34 Saudi Arabia Norwegian Norwegian Spirit Murica, Spain 7 Y Fell/Jumped
4/11/2018 F 47 Brisbane, Australia P&O Pacific Dawn New Caledonia 7 Y Fell after going outside to be sick during rough seas
4/13/2018 M 24 New Jersey Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas Chincoteague, Va 7 Y Observed jumping
5/19/2018 M 85 Australia Princess Sun Princess Singapore 12 Y Fell/Jumped
5/22/2018 M 50 Greensboro, NC Carnival Carnival Paradise Fort Myers 7 Y Fell/Jumped
7/1/2018 M 33 Phillipines Norwegian Norwegian Getaway North of Cuba 7 N Fell/Jumped. Rescued by Carnival Glory next day
8/18/2018 F 46 Great Britain Norwegian Norwegian Star Croatian Coast 7 N Fell but Rescued by Croatian Coast Guard after 10 hours
9/16/2018 M 33 Germany Aida AIDAluna Newfoundland 7 Y German pop singer seen jumping overboard
8/9/2019 F 41 Taiwan Princess Sun Princess East China Sea 5 Y Video shows passenger jumping from Deck 11

Notes: While falling from a cruise ship is a rare occurrence, a quick review of the Cruise News archives reveals that:

  • Males are much more likely to go overboard than females
  • Carnival passengers (33 incidents) are more likely to go overboard than passengers from other cruise lines...especially passengers on the Carnival Conquest
  • The average age of a passenger who goes overboard is 41 years
  • You are most likely to fall overboard on the last night of your cruise
  • For some reason, people from California and Florida go overboard more than others
  • Falling overboard does not necessarily mean you will die (16 people have been rescued, one after 18 hours in the water)
  • Most people who fall overboard are either drunk or doing silly things (climbing on the railing or between cabin balconies)

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